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To use the REST API installation of Men & Mice Web Services is required.


The easiest way to install the latter two is using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI), but manual download install will also work.
As URL Rewrite is a dependency of Application Request Routing it would be automatically installed when you install the Application Request Routing module.

Installation steps (using Web PI):

  1. Install Men & Mice Web Interface
  2. Install Web PI
  3. In Web PI: 
    1. Search for Application Request Routing and press Add
    2. Search for URL Rewrite and press Add
    3. Press Install and accept license terms
  4. Install Men & Mice Web Services by double clicking the Microsoft installer file and follow the instructions there
  5. The REST API is accessed by the following URL: http://< machine you have installed the services >/mmws/api


More information about the REST API.



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