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  • Discontinuation of OS X development
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As of the 6.9.0 version of the Men & Mice Suite, OS X will not be a supported platform. This means that customers that are currently running the Men & Mice Suite on version 6.9.0 or older will not be able to upgrade to newer versions in the future. This applies to all upcoming maintenance versions.

Recently, Apple has made changes that make supporting the platform difficult. Apple has also not continued with their strategy to maintain OS X as a server platform. Therefore, it has been decided to discontinue development of the OS X platform for the Men & Mice Suite.

Due to underlying changes in the architecture for OSX 10.11 - El Capitan, the latest Operating System from Apple, Men & Mice can unfortunately not be run on system that have been upgraded to that version.

Customers that have Men & Mice installed on earlier versions of OSX must therefore not upgrade to OSX 10.11 at this time.


The Men & Mice Suite version 6.9.0 was recently released and users that are running older versions can upgrade to 6.9.0. If BIND is properly maintained and upgraded, then there is no reason to take action immediately, unless there are features or improvements that are preventing proper usage of the Men & Mice Suite. 

Support for other platforms has not been changed and some suggestions for alternatives for OS X are for example Windows and Linux. We therefore recommend running the Men & Mice Suite and BIND on Linux for those that are accustomed to running Men & Mice Suite and BIND on OS X/Unix. We recommend Amazon Web Services or Linode for running Linux DNS Servers in the Cloud. 

See Installation Guide for installation instructions for other platforms such as Linux or Windows.

Other alternatives would be cloud based DNS services such as Route53Google Cloud DNS, or Azure DNS.

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