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Providing the best possible support to our customers is very important to us. Please help us help you by following these guidelines. 

Critical Issues

If you have a valid service contract and the issue is considered critical, please contact our Call Center and clearly state that this is a critical issue. Your Service Contract User Guide contains the necessary Call Center contact information.

Clear Description

It is important that you write a clear description of the issue. Please include the current version number of the Men & Mice Suite and related components and provide detailed information based on the following questions.

  • What were the circumstances when the issue came up?
  • Did an upgrade take place recently?
  • Has anything specific to your DNS/DHCP changed recently?
  • Do you have any logfiles or screenshots available that might help diagnose the problem?
  • In which part of the Men & Mice Suite did the issue come up? E.g. Management Console, DNS/DHCP Controller, Men & Mice Central, Web Interface?

Send an email to us

Send an email to support@menandmice.com with the above information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Support Contracts

If you have a Support Contract, please refer to the contract for more information.


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